The ABC of Alternative Bike Co.
Established in 2010 and led by a passion for riding and a background in creating and developing unique bike based commissions, Alt’ Bike creations promote healthy living in a fun and inspirational way. We design and build these bikes in Manchester and each is made to order. Alt’ Bike are always developing new ideas so our range is steadily expanding.

We welcome commissions for specific bikes. If you have an idea for an alternative bike, give us a call and we will work together to develop the concept and turn it into something you can ride.

In addition to our speciality bikes, we offer a range of single-speed/fixie road bikes. Not manufactured by the Alternative Bike Co. but made to our specification and in keeping with our ethos of being bold, bright, colourful and reliable.

So here we go, the stabilisers are off, our journey has only just begun. I’m sure we’ve got lots to learn but we love what we do so we’re going to give it a go.

Power to the pedal!

Speedsta Bikes
Bike illustration animation
Speedsta logo

For more information about the Speedsta, our single speed/fixie bike click here.

Shakesta logo

The Shakesta is our smoothie or milkshake making bike. To find out more click here.

Fuelsta logo

The best of both worlds, a petrol/pedal powered bike, click for more information.

Coinsta logo

Our refined take on the classic eccentric Penny Farthing, see its nostalgic style here.