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Alternative Coinsta

Single-Speed / Fixed Wheel Bike.

Taking it back to the beginnings of the bicycle is the Coinsta, our take on the classic Penny Farthing. Dapper, refined and more than a little eccentric, the Coinsta puts a new (or old!) perspective on cycling. The Coinsta combines vintage styling with modern technology and provides a comfortable ride in nostalgic style. To complete the look, the bike comes with a free stick-on moustache, because if you’re going to do it, do it right!

Frame: Tig welded high-tensile steel frame with small step on the rear to help mounting
Wheels: 36"(91cm) 36 spoke main drive wheel with duel 40mm precision bearings. 12" rear wheel
Tyres: Black pneumatic tyres
Cranks: 150mm cotterless fixed cranks
Handlebar: Classic look riser bars and black grips
Brakes: Calliper brake on the rear 12" wheel
Saddle: 22.2mm diameter seat-post with sprung saddle
Pedals: Vintage look black pedals
Colour: Black frame with silver rims and black tyres

Price: £450.00

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